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Friday, February 24, 2006

Free Porn Online

Internet can provide lots of kinds of free porn online and sex entertainment. And by saying that, we can affirm that any people, with any interest can get entertained, as quick as a mouse click. Culture, instant porn information, porn news and every kind of free online porn articles can be found with an effective research. When we talk about internet online pornography, then we will be talking about adult entertainment, one of the most sought subjects on the Search Engine Portals, specially Google, the King of Porn.In the earliest times of internet (when it was giving its first steps to today’s modernity) we could already see many online pornography spread trough the World Wide Web.
Passed some years, internet developers started to work in a faster internet, the so-called broadband. This word, generally speaking, refers to data transmission where multiple pieces of data are sent simultaneously to increase the effective rate of transmission. Porn videos and online porn movies becomes available for every one.
Free Pornography market niche became so much better with the advent of the broadband technology, that most of the available porn services require such a speed of connection. It can be confirmed just by navigating: if we visit some of the most reliable and known free porn portals, we will realize that they offer large-sized videos so they costumers can download them, live webcam porn shows, where beautiful girls and boys can strip they clothes off and tons of porn image galleries as well.
Mainly, porn videos and webcam porn shows can only be enjoyed with fast internet connection. Of course people can try to watch them by dial-up, but according to the fact that this kind of connection can vary a lot, depending on the dial-up modem they have, the quality of the pornographic services offered can decrease a lot. Internet pornography became very popular all over the world, and that is a fact. Due to the facility it can be found, just by clicking and navigating, people can please their eyes with their preferred sex positions, girls and boys (blonde, brunette, redhead, black, oriental, and so it goes).
The only and one precaution people must have when visiting these porn websites is to check how reliable they are. There are lots of them bad intended with virus and spyware enclosed. Take care.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lasting Longer

One common goal amongst virtually all guys is to last longer during sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, most men can’t last as long as they would like and feel inadequate because of it. The first thing that needs to be understood is that the state of mind a person is in has a huge effect on their sexual performance. Getting all uptight and worried is going to do you no good; neither is having a partner that gets really angry about it. Both parties need to work together to improve the situation, and the most important thing is to stay positive.
The first principle behind the techniques and suggestions listed below is the man’s ability to know his own body. By understanding how his body works and how his excitement rises, he should be able to learn how to pace himself better. It is key to know when to slow down to allow your excitement to drop enough so that you can “re-group” and then pick up the pace again. The second principle has to do with decreasing the sensitivity of the penis. By decreasing the sensitivity, it will take more stimulation to achieve the excitement necessary for climax. The following techniques and suggestions should help boost his sexual stamina, but they are not miracle cures, it will take patience and the right attitude to make things better.
Start & Stop Technique
The primary principle of this technique is to stimulate the penis until near ejaculation, and then stop stimulating to allow the level of excitement to drop. This exercise can be performed alone, or with a partner, and should be repeated 3 to 5 times per session. After 2-6 weeks of using this technique you should notice an improvement in your sexual stamina and will eventually not even have to use it to outlast your partner.
Try this one for a while to test the resoults..soon we I will be posting more techniques about this.... first pratice and tell me about !

Kegel Exercises

Named after their developer, Dr. Kegel, kegel (KAY-gill) exercises can be used to tone up and strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle). Both genders have this muscle and it supports the following organs in women: urethra, bladder, uterus, vagina, rectum; and in men: urethra, bladder, penis, and rectum. Since the PC muscle is involved in orgasm and ejaculation, these exercises, done on a regular basis, can help correct impotence and urinary problems. Anyone can learn, use, and do Kegel exercise, and the results are always beneficial with enough time and effort.
Always remember to try to have fun while you perform these exercises. Adjust them to your time schedule; learn what you like and, if you can, involve your partner. For the quickest and best results, you should exercise everyday, faithfully. The muscles won't increase in strength overnight, but if you stick to your routine, you should start noticing changes after about three weeks.
Finding the PC Muscle:
The PC muscle is the one you flex when you have to pee and are trying not to. Next time you are urinating, try to stop in mid-flow without using your fingers. Please note that Kegel exercises are normally not done while urinating.
Exercising the PC Muscle:
Where to Exercise:
Kegel exercises can be done anywhere at anytime as long as you are stationary. Since you never break a sweat or get tired from doing them, you can even do them during a business meeting. Try to find a time and place that is convenient for you, as it will be easier to stay committed if they are a part of your daily schedule.
The Benefits
For Women:
1. Easier to climax.2. More intense orgasms.3. Elevated sensitivity in the vagina, heightening your sexual satisfaction.4. Lower risk of incontinence (i.e. not being able to hold your pee in).5. Easier childbirth and vaginal muscles will heal faster after birth.6. Improve sex for your male partner by being able to tighten harder around his penis.
For Men:
1. Stronger erection.2. More Intense Orgasms.3. Increased power of ejaculation.4. Lower risk of impotence.

Try it for a while and post your comment about how did you feel doing this...It is definitly a good try to get out of the routine!

Female Erogenous Zones

Her Neck
Her neck must be one of the hottest spots on the female body. We at have never found a method more effective than hot passionate kisses on the neck to turn a good night kiss into an invitation for brunch. There are several things to keep in mind here … but most importantly, control yourself! Hickies may have been the big thing when you were younger, but most women hate them, especially when they have to wear turtlenecks for a week! If you must suck for blood, keep the hickies to places that are usually covered by clothes. Try to have a moist mouth, but don't slobber! Cover different areas of her neck with tender kisses, using the areas under/behind the ears for extra stimulation. Light nibbling and tugging usually work really well also. Start out soft and gentle as she gets into it, slowly go harder and wilder to light that fire of passion within her.
Her Ears
Bundles of nerve endings are in and around the ears, making them ultra-sensitive to your touch. Use the pads of your index finger and thumb to massage the outer ears with slow, firm movements. Gently squeeze the earlobes. Explore the area behind the ear with your lips and tongue, and then exhale deeply but gently while you keep nibbling. Don't be shy about making noise while you're lingering there, the sound of your breath and moans is a huge turn-on for most women. Make sure to remember there is a fine line between sensual ear play and “wet willies”. Very few women enjoy having someone's tongue jammed down their ears!
Her Lips
The number one mistake guys (especially married or in long term relationships) make during sex? Not enough kissing. Women love to kiss, and many of them complain that guys just don't spend enough time on it. But don't just kiss more, also do it better. Try varying the intensity (kiss her softly, then more passionately, then slow it down again). When you're done with her lips, move on to her cheeks, eyelids, forehead, nose, neck, or earlobes (stressing neck and ears). Don’t get dull doing the same thing over and over; make sure to mix up your style. If you generally move your hands all over her body when you kiss (which, by the way, is really good), try kissing her for several minutes without letting your hands roam (focus all you passion on the kiss), and let her indicate when she's ready to move on.
Her Scalp
You've noticed that a lot of women play with their hair? It's not just a nervous habit; they do it because it feels good. Chances are she's wishing you would play with it, too. The scalp can be very sensitive to stimulation, and since she's probably not expecting you to lavish any attention on it, surprise her. Having her hair brushed can be a very sensual experience. Or run your fingers through it as you're kissing her, or, simply caress her scalp gently with your hand. Get some bonus points for washing or blow-drying, just leave the actual styling to her - you'll never get that thing with her bangs to work out right. On the other hand, some women have phobias when it comes to having their head touched; start out slow so your partner has a chance to stop you if she is one of those.
Anyway...try to discover the places on her body where she loves to be touch...if ask is that hard for you than run aover her whole body and pay attention in the way she breaths... smile and grown...


In the pursuit of sexual success and fertility, the moon, and everything under it, has been touted as an aphrodisiac by some person or culture. Love potion peddlers stop at nothing to sell their sexual exciters. An aphrodisiac is a food, drink, drug, scent, or device that, promoters claim, can arouse or increase sexual desire, libido, or improve sexual performance.
Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, the list of supposed sexual stimulants includes anchovies and adrenaline, liquorice and lard, scallops and Spanish fly, and hundreds of other items.
The reputed sexual effects of so-called aphrodisiacs are not based in scientific fact, but in ad hoc endeavours to increase sexual potency. To date, there are no scientifically known over-the-counter drugs that actually increase sexual desire or responsiveness.
There are many aphrodisiacs that you can try to use...check this page further and i will be posting them for you!